50 Instagram Post Ideas For Authors

Hey friend! Did you know that over 2 billion people use Instagram weekly?

500 million of those users use Instagram daily.

That’s a lot of potential readers who could be reading your book!

Chances are, if you’re reading my post, you probably don’t have that sort of traffic hitting your Insta, and you might feel overwhelmed coming up with ideas to break through the hated algorithm (aka the nemesis of all self-published authors).

I know your pain. When life gets in the way and the last thing you want to do is come up with yet another post idea, it’s tempting to not post at all.

That doesn’t help you achieve your dreams nor does it help you attract future readers.

I’ve taken on the hassle and created a list of Instagram post ideas for writers to help give your social media a boost (and your brain a break).

Here’s 50 post ideas to help you grow your following:

  1. Introduce yourself using only your favorite novel, genre, trope, and author.
  2. Teach us something new from your novel such as a tutorial in magic or a worldbuilding element.
  3. Share five things your main character is afraid of and ask people to share their character’s fears/their fears.
  4. Share a book snippet but break it up into a series of images with music.
  5. Share the five books (with covers) that best defines you as a person.
  6. Give us a tour of your favorite book store vlog-style.
  7. Show us in a series of images what inspired your novel.
  8. Share book reviews in a slide-show style with photos of you holding your novel or working on it before it was published.
  9. Tell us your unpopular book opinion.
  10. Stage the many different ways you read and piece them together in a short clip to make yourself “appear” and “disappear” in time to music or voiceover.
  11. Show us the tools you use to record your reading list and the stack of books you’ve read this year so far.
  12. Host a “meeting” between author and your main character and “discuss” the latest unfortunate development in your novel.
  13. Gather your inner brain personalities and have them sit down for a board meeting to discuss your novel. Example: Inspiration, organization, grammar police, etc.
  14. Share the first time you ever got a bad review and how that made you feel/how you overcame that rejection.
  15. Tell us through images your transformation from dreamer to writer to published author.
  16. Try this twist on a book review: Give us a “bad” retelling of a book and what you rate it.
  17. Characterize your characters by dressing up or using personality props to characterize each member of your cast.
  18. Do a cast intro video by dressing up for each character and having them introduce themselves.
  19. Share a vlog-style “day of reading”. Make sure to include peaceful music, aesthetic images of you reading, quotes from the book you’re reading, etc.
  20. Show us your writing buddy and the many ways they hinder you from writing.
  21. Introduce yourself timeline-style using your books and the different stages of your life that you published them in.
  22. Tell us a popular book boyfriend you can’t stand.
  23. Get specific and share a writing lesson you’ve learned from your editor or beta readers.
  24. What’s one piece of writing advice that you’ve received that you don’t follow at all.
  25. Share a positive, encouraging message to other writers in your genre.
  26. Stage a mock-fight between your protagonist and antagonist and act it out.
  27. What’s the number one thing you’ve struggled with as an author so far? Share it as a PSA with encouragement for others who are also struggling.
  28. Share the joy: What’s one thing you love about being a writer? Be specific.
  29. Show us in a series of images where your favorite places to read/write are.
  30. Do a vlog-style “day in the life” of an author clip.
  31. Give us a sassy clip showing how you respond to book haters.
  32. Join in on a Booktok trend and show us your books according to what the trend asks to see.
  33. Use a voiceover audio clip to demonstrate where you’re currently at in the writing process.
  34. Share a time when a reader read your book and made you feel good about it.
  35. Give us your “elevator” speech blurb for your novel.
  36. Give us your “bad” blurb in a comedy-style video.
  37. Tell us what we’ll love about your novel in a punchy-one-sentence-at-a-time video.
  38. Curate a collection of books that fit the vibe of the current season and share them.
  39. Share your top 10 novels that you loved this year so far.
  40. Share the query letter that got you your book publisher or agent deal.
  41. Gather your friends and family together and stage a “reading” party.
  42. Meet up with a bookworm or writer friend and show footage of your day together.
  43. Create a cooking show style vlog but make it book themed.
  44. Create a book cocktail and share the recipe.
  45. Stage a book club comedy skit where each person in attendance is a different character from a different book.
  46. Share your best social media tips for authors.
  47. Create a “greatest moments” jar featuring quotes from each book you’ve read in a month and film opening it the next month one day at a time (in a timelapse).
  48. What book topic can you give a spontaneous venn diagram explaining- show us your venn diagram.
  49. Romance writers: Are you sugar or spice? Give your best recommendations after explaining what team you’re on.
  50. Create a timelapse of reorganizing your bookshelf with a voiceover explaining how you organized it.

Happy Posting!

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